How To Get Glitter Wrapping Paper To Stick

How To Get Glitter Wrapping Paper To Stick? [Steps And Tips]

Nothing adds a touch of enchantment quite like glitter paper when it comes to gift wrapping. Its dazzling sparkle can elevate any present, making it truly stand out. However, working with glitter wrapping paper can be tricky as they often refuse to adhere to the surface during the wrapping process. 

Use a spray adhesive or glue stick on the paper’s backside to get glitter wrapping paper to stick. Apply a thin, even layer and press it firmly onto the gift. Avoid excess moisture, as it may cause the glitter to clump. Gently shake off any loose glitter before finishing.

This article will unravel the secrets of making glitter wrapping paper sticks for your gifts. These tried-and-tested techniques will ensure that your presents shine bright, capturing the essence of your heartfelt gesture.

8 Steps To Get Glitter Wrapping Paper To Stick: A Detailed Guide

It is not as hard as you think to wrap a present with glitter paper. The trick lies in using suitable materials and following a process. Now do it by referring to the step-by-step guide below. 

Step 1: Prepare For The Project

Gather the materials you need: glitter wrapping paper, scissors, spray adhesive or glue stick, and the gift you want to wrap. Next, lay out a clean, flat area where you can work comfortably without any distractions.

Step 2: Measure And Cut The Wrapping Paper

Take the glitter wrapping paper and measure it against the size of the gift. Leave enough paper to cover the present, fully allowing for a neat wrap.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive To The Paper

If using a spray adhesive, hold the can about 8–10 inches away from the backside of the wrapping paper. Spray a thin, even layer across the entire surface. If using a glue stick, apply a thin layer of glue evenly on the backside of the paper.

Step 4: Press The Wrapping Paper Onto The Gift

Carefully place the adhesive-coated side of the wrapping paper onto the gift. Start by aligning one edge with the side of the gift and gradually press the paper down, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles as you go.

Step 5: Firmly Press The Paper

Once the paper is in place, use your hands to press it onto the gift firmly. Make sure to apply even pressure to ensure good adhesion.

Step 6: Check For Loose Glitter

Gently shake the wrapped gift to check for any loose glitter. If you notice excess glitter falling off, lightly tap the wrapped gift to remove the loose particles.

Step 7: Finish The Wrapping

Fold and secure the edges of the wrapping paper as you would with any other gift wrap. Use tape or adhesive to keep the folds in place. You can further enhance the glittery effect by adding ribbons, bows, or other decorative elements to your wrapped gift.

Step 8: Clean Up And Enjoy

Once you’ve finished wrapping your gift, clean up any excess glitter or adhesive from your work surface. Admire the sparkly result and present your beautifully wrapped gift to its recipient.

8 Tips For Long-lasting Adhesion Of Glitter Wrapping Paper:

Choosing suitable materials and adhering to a certain way can help the wrapping paper stick for a long time. The paper stays in place, and the wrapping stays flawless for days. To achieve that, follow the tips below.

  1. Choose The Suitable Adhesive: Opt for a strong adhesive for paper and lightweight materials. Spray adhesives or glue sticks work well for glitter wrapping paper.
  1. Apply Adhesive Evenly: Using a spray adhesive or a glue stick, apply a thin and even layer of adhesive on the backside of the wrapping paper. Avoid applying too much adhesive, as it may cause clumping or warp the paper.
  1. Press Firmly And Evenly: Once the adhesive is applied, press the wrapping paper onto the gift, starting from one edge and working your way across. Apply even pressure to ensure good contact between the paper and the gift.
  1. Smooth Out Wrinkles And Bubbles: As you press the paper onto the gift, smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles that may appear. Gently flatten the paper with your hands or a clean, dry cloth to ensure a flat, seamless finish.
  1. Allow Proper Drying Time: Some adhesives may require a specific drying time. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and allow the adhesive to dry completely before handling the wrapped gift.
  1. Avoid Excessive Moisture: Excessive moisture can cause the glitter to clump or lose its shine. Avoid storing or wrapping gifts in humid environments or exposing them to moisture afterwards.
  1. Handle With Care: After applying the glitter wrapping paper, handle the wrapped gift with care to prevent any accidental peeling or damage to the adhesive. Avoid excessive rubbing or scratching of the glittering surface.
  1. Store In A Cool, Dry Place: To maintain the longevity of the adhesive, store the wrapped gift in a cool and dry place until it is ready to be presented. Extreme temperatures or high humidity can affect the adhesive’s effectiveness.

Related Question 

How Can I Make Glitter Wrapping Paper Stick Better?

One effective method is to use adhesive spray or glue. Apply a thin, even layer on the back of the glitter paper, ensuring complete coverage. Press the paper firmly onto the gift to create a strong bond.

Why Does Glitter Wrapping Paper Sometimes Not Stick Well?

Glitter paper often has a smooth, coated surface, making it difficult for adhesives to adhere to. The glitter can create a slippery surface, making it challenging for the paper to stick securely.

Can I Use Regular Tape To Stick Glitter Wrapping Paper?

While regular transparent tape can attach glitter paper, it may not hold best. Consider using double-sided tape or adhesive dots for better results. They offer more sticking power and prevent the tape from being visible.

How Do I Prevent Glitter From Falling Off The Wrapping Paper?

To minimize glitter fallout, seal the glittering surface with a clear sealant spray. This helps to secure the glitter particles in place and reduces the chances of them rubbing off or spreading to other surfaces.

Is There A Specific Type Of Glue That Works Best With Glitter Paper?

Yes, several adhesive options work well with glitter paper. Craft glues like mod podge or craft adhesive are popular choices. They provide a strong bond without damaging the paper or causing it to warp.

Can I Reuse Glitter Wrapping Paper?

Reusing glitter paper can be challenging due to the nature of the material. Glitter tends to shed and lose its luster over time. However, if you want to reuse it, carefully remove it from the gift, store it in a flat, dry place, and handle it gently to prevent excessive glitter loss.

What Are Alternative Methods To Make Glitter Wrapping Paper Sticks?

If adhesive methods are not working well, use a heat-activated adhesive, such as a hot glue gun or a heat-activated glue sheet. These options provide a stronger bond and help the glitter paper adhere more effectively.

How Can I Prevent Glitter From Making A Mess During The Wrapping Process?

One way to minimize glitter mess is to place the paper on a clean, flat surface before cutting and wrapping. Use a damp cloth or lint roller to remove excess glitter from the gift once it’s wrapped. Working in a well-ventilated area or placing a large piece of paper underneath can also help contain the glitter particles.


In conclusion, achieving a secure and long-lasting bond with glitter wrapping paper requires attention to detail and a suitable adhesive. By ensuring a clean and dry surface, selecting a suitable adhesive, and applying it carefully, you can create a stunning gift presentation that captivates the recipient. 

The key is pressing the glitter paper firmly onto the adhesive, smoothing any imperfections for a flawless finish. Take time and trust the process. Follow the tips and techniques mentioned to make your gifts sparkle and stand out from the crowd.

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